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Android is an open source OS for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. Android was developed by the open handset association by Google and some other well known companies. In now a days Android Applications are vital part of increasing technology as everyone can stay connect with technology through only their pocket gadgets and people are getting more socialize and connecting to the world. People want to know more and more about the latest trending and newsfeeds through the social media, and Apps are necessary just to ease our daily basis work. So let me introduce pocket friendly Android Services by SilverGlobe Software Solutions. Because we know Android application development services are something that cannot be accomplished with the services existing by other technology.

Let’s look up some advantages of Android Applications

  • Low venture & High ROI.
  • Open Source.
  • Easy to Integrate.
  • Multiple Sales Channels.
  • Easy Adoption.
  • User friendly
  • High memory and performance
  • Rich development environment

This is the reason why it is challenging against Apple and other popular smartphone   operating systems. So according to the market demand “SilverGlobe Software Solutions” providing a whole Android app solutions including-


We are highly rated IT services provider firm located in Pune, India who believe in serving a best quality of work. We always like to maintain good relations with our clients. For more information check out our site-

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