Vikas Amte

Social Activist site - India

Website detailing Dr.Vikas Amte – an innovative scientist by knowledge, a create researcher by need, a developed environmental entrepreneur by trade, a liberated management executive by profession, a genuine financier by intelligence, a sincere social worker by roots, and a learned physician by education. and the great Baba Amte- ‘The eternal torch that still enlightening the path’ from India-devotee for the underprivileged in the society.SilverGlobeSoft  feel really proud that got a chance to serve India’s great social activist’s site.This site is developed with all care and tribute in a simple manner but has huge consequence.

Though the contents of our website were sensitive, SilverGlobeSoft managed very well to build up this site super fast and listened to our needs carefully and delivered on time and ability to endorse and grow an enterprise -- he would be definitely be an asset for any high tech company that wants to incubate an offshore operation.