TableTak – InRestaurant Food Ordering

TableTak Application

• Direct Order management by customers.
• Easy to use for Customers and Order Management.
• Restaurants available as per location & Reviews.
• Cost Effective Solution for Restaurants.
• CMS for Restaurant and Report management.

TableTak Customer App has following features.
• Customer checks in restaurant, scans the table so as table gets reserved for him.
• Customer able to see and order various menus of restaurant on his mobile.
• Customer able to filter menus category wise
• Once order is submitted it goes directly to cheff and notification is been sent to waiter as well.
• Customer can order multiple times with the same order number & track his order data.

TableTak Waiters App has following features.
• Waiter can order himself for any tables available in the restaurant.
• Waiter can see customers orders & can add products to the customers order.
• Once order is been made by waiter it goes directly to chef/bartender.
• Waiter can clear the table once the order is been paid.
• Ongoing and completed orders can be tracked by the waiter.
• QR Code is generated when the order is placed